Friday 31. December 2010


Kävin katsastamassa Lontoon joulun jälkeen. Lyhyesti todettuna kaupunki tarjoaa paljon mielenkiintoista nähtävää, koettavaa, inspiroivaa sekä ostettavaa. Valitettavasti nettiyhteys ei toimi asunnollani tällä hetkellä, joka tekee asioista hieman vaikeampaa. Onneksi kamera kuitenkin toimii..

ENG: I went after Christmas for a short holiday to London. Briefly said the city offer a lot of interesting stuff to see, experience, to get inspired from and also to buy. Unfortunately my internet connection does not work at the moment which makes things a bit difficult. Luckily my camera is working..

London Calling


Sunday 26. December 2010


SALES 2010

The great holiday sales have started, I listed here the ones that I am aware of, enjoy!

End Clothing – Check Band of Outsiders Sperry Topsiders, RRL and Our Legacy.

The Corner – Check especially Acne and Opening Ceremony.

Caliroots – There were some great jackets.

Oi Polloi – There aren’t any really good offers, but they have e.g. Engineered Garments and Folk stuff.

Oki-ni – Check out the Fracap hikers.

Asos – -50%.

Albam Clothing – Their own line.

My Warderobe – Lots of different brands.

Atoo – They have also e.g. Acne, Heritage Research, Our Legacy and YMC

Not yet started: The-Glade and Très Bien Shop


Friday 24. December 2010

BEST OF 2010.

Pidin kovasti Janin ja Inken “vuoden huiput 2010” postauksesta ja päätinkin toteuttaa vastaavanlaisen myös itse. Olen listannut tähän asioita jotka ovat minua miellyttäneet tai jääneet mieleeni tältä vuodelta.

ENG: I liked the “best of the year 2010” post that Jan and Inke of Issues blog published. So I decided to do my own as well. I have listed here things from 2010 that I have liked or I have found them great.

Album of the year
Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9.
I listened to this album basically everyday in Tokyo when i travelled to university in the morning rush hour. Extra props to these songs: Belong, Let’s Go Together, Animal Animal and Dreamin’.

Kitsune Maison Compilation 9

Song of the year
Yeah Yeah Yeah – Head Will Roll A-Trak Remix.
I don’t know if this is the best song, but it has functioned more than others as a good mood or athmosphere starter.

Brand of the year
I guess it is not a suprise to the followers of my blog. Hiroki Nakamura has done excellent job with materials, details and simplicity. I wouldn’t mind only wearing Visvim products.

visvim autumn winter 2010

Blogs of the year
Best Finnish blog: Issues – Jan and Inke just have great taste.

Favourite photo centric blogs regarding clothes and lifestyle that I have been reading for a while:



On & Beyond/Canada.


This is NOT new/USA.

Best non-clothes related purchase
Canon 7d.
I can’t live without it anymore.

Best purchase
Visvim Virgil Boots.
I dreamed of them so long, and when I finally got them they were as perfect as I had imagined.

WDYWT Visvim Sophnet8

Best Japanese store of the year

This chain buys&sells great used products. The best store is in Shibuya, I bought my Sophnet Macintosh from there.


Pattern of the year
I would not have thought that camo will inspire me this much. It is not something that I wear often, but fresh camo products catch my interest.

Supreme Camouflage

Best Finnish stores
Beam & My o My/Men’s.
Beam has always a really impressive stock of many interesting brands that are rare in Finland. My o My’s men’s store is more new, but they have alreadt awesome selection of brands including Visvim.

Beam Erottaja, Helsinki

My O My Helsinki

Trend of the year

Heritage Hipster Matrix

Best publications
Inventory Magazine & Honeyee.
They are great magazines that have really inspiring content and really good photos.

Honeyee Mag Vol 12 Archive 1

Inventory Magazine

This post might look a bit confusing, but I thought all of them deserved something visual with them. Did I forget anything?


Monday 20. December 2010


Visvim Ballistic K-Pack 25l 5

Reput ovat mielestäni mahtavia vaikka en niitä arkisin paljoa käytä. Vuosien ajan olen haaveillut Visvim repuista ja edelleen tänänkin syksynä vaikka klassiset rucksackit ovat myös kiehtoneet. Päätös oli helppo kun minulle tarjoutui mahdollisuus ostaa tämä hieman käytetty Ballistic K-Pack 25l sopivalla hinnalla. Repun lukuisat yksityiskohdat hirven nahasta eri elektroniikan säilytystiloihin ovat minulle kerrassaan ainutlaatuisia.

ENG: I love backpacks even though I don’t use them during weekdays. For many years I have dreamed of Visvim’s backpack and still during this autumn regardless the strong interest towards classic rucksacks. The decision was easy when I got the opportunity to buy this a bit used Ballistic K-Pack 25l for a reasonable price. The many details starting from elk leather to different gadget pockets are just one-of-a-kind for me.

Visvim Ballistic K-Pack 25l 6

Visvim Ballistic K-Pack 25l 2

Visvim Ballistic K-Pack 25l 4

Visvim Ballistic K-Pack 25l


Friday 17. December 2010


Eilen julkaistiin Style the City -projektissamme neljäs kuvaamani HD-laatuinen street style video San Franciscosta. Video on kuvattu The Brooklyn Circus:n Jeffistä San Franciscon liikkellä. Lisäksi Style the City mainittiin äskettäin kunniaksemmeä.

ENG: We released yesterday the fourth HD quality street style video of Style the City from San Francisco which is filmed by me. This video is of The Brooklyn Circus’ Jeff and it is filmed at their San Francisco store. In addition Style the City was mentioned at

Jeff is a 24 year old designer and student. He works as shop representative in the San Francisco The Brooklyn Circus store at 1521 Fillmore Street. Jeff is wearing The Brooklyn Circus’ collections products. Check out the blog, collection and more of The Brooklyn Circus at

See my previous blog post of The Brooklyn Circus and my purchase here.