Wednesday 18. February 2015


Labels, Care Labels and Tags.

Issey Miyake Sample Label
Issey Miyake Men Sample Label.

Issey Miyake Windcoat Coat

Issey Miyake “Windcoat” Label.

Peace of Shit Lave

“Peace of Shit” Label.

Helmut Lang VIntage Label 1997

Helmut Lang 1997 Vintage Label.

Helmut Lang slim biker cargo trousers size 29" waist Archival 5

Helmut Lang Biker Cargo Trousers Label.


Visvim Fall Winter 2010 “Hudson Jacket” Label.

Nike x Tom Sachs 'NIKECcraft' Airbag Duffle Bag 9

Nike Craft x Tom Sachs Duffle Bag Label.

Raf Simons Fabric Belgium

Raf Simons Fabric Label.

Raf Simons Isolation flag in Evisu denim  We are offering this Isolation Flag including 3 meter high handcrafted wooden pole. It was one of the main pieces of the Designers Do Denim auction in 2001 in benefit of the Tropical Institute3

Raf Simons “Isolation flag’s” Label in Evisu denim for the 2001 “Designers Do Denim” auction in 2001.

Raf Simons Bomber 2000

Raf Simons Spring Summer 2000 Bomber Jacket Label.

’11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi – TS1 F-1101 T-Shirt (black)  5

11 By Boris Bidjan Saberi Label.

Julius Spring 2011 details

Julius Spring Summer 2011 Label.

Hiroshi Fujiwara Jun Takahashi Anarchy Forever Label

Hiroshi Fujiwara and Jun Takahashi “Anarchy Forever Forever Anarchy” Vintage Label.


Undercover by Jun Takahashi “The Illusion of Haze” Spring Summer 2002 Label.

Undercover  Burlap Attachable Pouch Accessory Women SS 2003 SCAB "No Gods, No Masters" 3

Undercover by Jun Takahashi Women’s “Scab” Spring Summer 2003 Label.

Undercover We Make Noise Not Clothes by Karl Hab

Undercover by Jun Takahashi “We Make Noise Not Clothes” Label.